Thursday, February 10, 2011

Providing Services to your Clients

What services do you offer to your client?

This is something you want to sit down and take a moment to think about. Don't jump in full force offering everything under the sun. Start off with what you know you can do with 100% focus and then add more variety to your available services. Find your niche and put both feet in and go for it.

Don't feel that you are settling when doing this. As a new Entrepreneur, you are learning what you are capable of doing. If you offer services ABCDEF, but you are only comfortable with services ABCD, then offering EF is not fair to you or your clients. They are looking to you as the professional. You know what you are doing. It then also puts added pressure on you to feel you have to do everything. Right now, the services I offer to my clients is:

- Facebook status'
- Tweets
- Blogging about their product
- Advertising

I believe this is what I can handle right now because I also work full time and am a single mother. I am learning what is out there in social media and what is expected of a Social Media Specialist.

Also, make sure you are doing what you love. If you don't, I believe it comes out in your work.

With all that being said, do you feel that you sometimes overextend yourself? Or do you feel you don't push your self enough because you are afraid? I'll tell you, I was in the latter part of that question. I was afraid. I told myself, "no one will want to work with me because I didn't have proper training". Then I realized, who really has had training in this field? Not many people!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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